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Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Laser Combat

Is there any danger ?

As with any physical outdoor activity there is a small element of danger from slips, trips and falls. However the infra-red beams that are emitted from our guns are completely harmless and as there are no physical projectiles (as there are in paint-balling) there in no pain, bruising or mess (other than a bit of mud!).

Frequently Asked Questions – Parties and Events

Can you host Parties in the Winter or is it Summer months only?

Outdoor Laser Combat can be played in all weather, but because it can only be played in daylight we do only offer evening parties between the months of April – October.

How long does a Party last?

The Standard Laser Combat Party lasts for approximately 2 .5 hours with the food options being an additional time at the end.

What do I need to wear ?

We advise wearing loose, comfortable clothing that will give freedom of movement. In inclement weather please bring a change of clothing and we provide ample changing facilities.

Can you tailor an event to our own requirements ?

Yes, absolutely.  We have a dedicated and specialist team of experts that can tailor your event to your needs.  Please call to discuss 01926 843411

Is my party exclusive to my group

No, as laser combat is more effective with a higher number of players, we will mix groups, unless your party is 40 players, in which case it will be exclusive to you.

Are there minimum numbers

Yes, for family parties we require a minimum of 10 players.  For adult only parties, the minimim is 15 players